The Case Against Dryer Sheets

If you are a cat owner like I am, it is likely you feed your cats a diet that is healthy, and that you use cleaning products that are non-toxic and pet friendly. These are simply things that pet owners do for their beloved pets. My question is, are you using dryer sheets for your laundry?

You have likely never considered dryer sheets being harmful to your cats. Think about it, though. Dryer sheets contain many chemicals, as do laundry detergents and fabric softeners, that are absorbed into your skin and your pets skin. Also, if you are like me, you wash your cat’s toys regularly. The toxic chemicals in the dryer sheets are then ingested as your cats chew on their toys. Some of the toxic chemicals in these laundry products include neurotoxins and carcinogens. Honestly, with all the natural products on the market today, there are no good excuses for continuing to use these products that are toxic. This is what my friend at best junk removal in Roswell does with all of theirs!

Another good reason not to use dryer sheets is because they can potentially create a fire hazard. There is a residue commercial dryer sheets leave on your lint filter that you cannot see with the naked eye. This residue can cause your heating unit to burn out and catch fire. If you have been using dryer sheets, try this test to see if the residue is present: pull out your lint filter and put it under a stream of hot water. If the hot water doesn’t flow freely through, the dryer sheet residue has created a problem. If this is the case with your lint filter, use hot soapy water to wash it then immediately stop using the chemical dryer sheets.

If you still want to continue using dryer sheets, find ones that are chemical free. One way to keep your clothing soft without using dryer sheets is to add white vinegar to your washing machine. Another option is to use wool dryer balls in your dryer to keep your clothes soft and static free. I personally love my wool dryer balls, and so do the cats when I am folding laundry and one falls out of the clothing onto the floor.